Sociotope is an interactive data visualization of your digital identity. By connecting the application to
your Facebook account, it will build a virus-like object whose behaviour, look and feel corresponds to the way you
are behaving in the social network.

Please note that I have completely worked over Sociotope and turned it into a WebGL application — Visit!

Objects are build from the sums of their corresponding user’s actions within the Facebook network. Every tentacle
relates to one post on the user’s wall. The more reactions a post has got (comments, likes), the stronger the movement
of its tentacle will be. The color of your tentacle object will correspond to the profile picture you have. Adding your
friends to Sociotope will will create a complex, vivid visualization showing the interaction between you and your
Facebook contacts, with each single objects being its own information graphic sortable by time and space.

Watch Sociotope Teaser

For searching objects by content and exploring your self-build information graphic for trends, you can add magnet
objects which can be filled with search terms and so “scan” the objects – posts which include the term will be attracted
by the magnet.






Search #02

Search #1



Visit the Sociotope facebook
for more information.

For promoting Sociotope, I created three posters showing the visuals and features of the project: