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Stefan Wagner (andsynchrony) is an interaction and motion designer located in Würzburg, Germany. He holds a Master of Arts in Information Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design.
Stefan likes to experiment with media and technology in order to find new ways of making complex ‘things’ accessible to people, give them an understanding about topics hard to grasp or insights they normally might not have. For that purpose, he creates interactive pieces that focus on explaining certain topics, often related to technology and our daily use of it.
His tools of the trade are graphics and 3d software as well as creative coding environments like the Processing IDE (Java) or openFrameworks (C++), but also game engines like Unity3D and the Unreal Engine. He likes to tinker with WebGL by using Javascript & the Three.js library and native OpenGL & GLSL. Being an autodidact, he learns and utilizes basically any tool that fits the needs to tell a story the right way.

While you might primarily find free and experimental works on this website, Stefan has been working on various projects in a professional capacity in the fields of motion, digital and spatial design, mostly for museums and exhibits, for example for CES Las Vegas 2012 and 2015, Shanghai World Expo 2010 and the German Motor show IAA 2009 and 2011. You are welcome to request his complete references via e-mail. Stefan is a member of staff at Würzburg-based research center »Design and Systems«.

If you like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! You can connect with me via one or more of the following: