Noise is a book I concepted, designed and realised in the second year of my studies.

From the introduction:

The texts, explanations and ways of thinking collected in this book make no claim to be complete. They are not even necessarily supposed to inform, but rather to open the view, to raise awareness for the non-Apparent, for the coincidence, for the factor of “noise” in our environment, our perceptions and our actions.Human society is more and more being defined by noise. This book is supposed to illustrate the most complex and diverse facets of the phenomenon of “noise” and the circumstances of its formation and thereby entertain, inspire and provoke.

The book has 70 pages, its format is a little smaller than A4 landscape.

The cover was produced using serigraphy; each of the two copies made has a different version: one with a black cover and white motive and one contrary.